Question about NextCloud customization

NethServer Version: NethServer release 7.3.1611
Module: NextCloud

I’ve just installed nethserver and I’m slowly adding apps. I’m hoping this community can point me in the right direction as I navigate nethserver and the amazing selection of apps you provide.


  1. How do I install apps in Nextcloud? On my standalone NextCloud I have the option to add apps. I’m not seeing this within my nethserver install of NextCloud.
  2. I want to have my NextCloud point to a fileshare on our network NAS. Again on my standalone Nextcloud I have many more options as the Admin on how adding various file storage and not only use the NextCloud storage. It seems nethserver has removed all this added functionality?
  3. I want to be able to skin or add our logo to NextCloud. Is this possible from the nethserver install of NextCloud?
  4. What are the plans to incorporate Collabora into the nethserver version of NextCloud?

Thank you.

Everything you want you’ll find as the admin user of Nextcloud. Not nethserver, but the admin user of nextcloud, that’s how you install apps, apps like external storage for connecting to your nas.


Thank you @fasttech for this quick reply.

Funny thing is though I logged into my NextCloud using my admin ID from nethserver and I can’t see any other options in NextCloud to give me all the admin functionality? What ID do I use in NextCloud to give me my admin access?

Thank you.

admin / Nethesis,1234
Change its password ASAP

I know, it’s a bit confusing having two admin users. :wink:


Excellent @dnutan. That’s what I was missing.

I have the access I now need. Thank you!

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Nope, check this app out


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