Pulseway integration

So I did a search, and no threads on pulseway!! Here it is. We need pulseway integration.



Pulseway is a server/workstation monitoring tool that has apps for windows/ios/android/linux. Ive used it for years, it offers a huge amount of features. Its free for 2 hosts, I am grandfathered in so I get more. Pricing for more is 1.15/computer or 3.35/server a month, as an IT guy I can pass that cost to whoever I am monitoring, but if you have a home server the free version is great. There are dedicated rpm’s for centos, and I have it installed on all my machines. Highly recommend you check it out, the phone app is great, I can monitor everything even when I am out and about. It really would be a great addition for the team to add support via the software center.

Hi @Jclendineng,
Thanks for getting this to our attention. Although it is not mandatory, an opensource alternative would be awesome. For some of our members, opensource is mandatory. For instance in Venezuela where government funded projects must be opensource.

Would I be far off, if iTalc (for mixed environments) and Epoptes (in Linux environments) could be alternatives?

We encourage any extention for NethServer. Ultimately, a new application for NethServer ends with an official module, that can be installed from SoftwareCenter.

The way we work towards such a module is like:

  • Do a feature request. Explain why the feature is of use for NethServer. Search for possible alternatives and decide if your feature request is still the best option. We love consensus in discussions for new features.
  • Make a Howto in a new discussion on the forums on installing the new application in NethServer . Make sure the Howto is fail/fool proof. As soon as the Howto is reproducable, move the Howto to our wiki
  • Create a Module for the application. This can be the hard part. It does takes some coding skills, but be assured there are plenty of members willing to help with this in our @dev_team.

very true friend @robb

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Honestly I don’t like to put development effort on integrating a non-opensource project :slight_smile: