Public ip cannot be accessed

I have already routing my public ip through proxy to be directed to the nethserver, why can’t I access the public ip from the local, is there a rule in the server that blocks my public ip from being accessed by the local ip?

I can only access public ip on nethserver if the port is still 80 but if the port is 443 I cannot access the public ip

Maybe this is helpful to you:

I can’t access public ip on local network if the port is 443, can I tell the rule in nethserver so that port 443 can be accessed by public ip on local ip because I can remote 443 debian in public ip via local network but I can’t remote public ip 443 on nethserver?

Perhaps this post from @mrmarkuz could help:

Does it work if you connect to the local Nethserver IP?

AFAIK no. I am using private and public IP/name in my local network and it just works.
I use port forwarding from my router (which is a nethserver) to my application nethserver.

Just for my understanding: What exactly did you do to achieve this?
Are you using reverse proxy?

Do you get an error or just timeout?

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Can access to http

Can’t access https

Please note: you are trying to access your nethserver on port 980 not 443.
Can you access ?

Be sure all firewalls, including your nethserver, have the 980 port open for the TCP service.

(on Nethserver)

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