Pst2webtop failes

NethServer Version: NethServer release 7.6.1810 (final)
Module: Webtop5/pst2webtop
I’ve switched over the mail so it goes to Nethserver now and have started to export from to Exchange to pst files. So far so good but when trying to do the import I get this exception.

Do you wish to import email? [Y]es/[N]o: y
Opening PST file and indexes…
Could not get root record
mv: cannot stat ‘/mbox’: No such file or directory
Skipping . : name begins with a ‘.’
Skipping … : name begins with a ‘.’
convertit(): Converting ** in /tmp/tmp.ne5WRQeVu1/ to …
0 files processed.

It looks like the calendar and contacts works fine, this is the output at the end.
Events Folder found: /calendar
Import to webtop:
./pst2webtop_cal.php mahaq '/tmp/tmp.fsiyLjibNG/

Contacts Folder found: /contacts
Import to webtop:
./pst2webtop_card.php mahaq '/tmp/tmp.fsiyLjibNG/

Have you followed step by step this ?

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Yes I have. I’ve also tested to open a copy of the pst file in Outlook to be sure the mails are there.

I did some test. If the .pst file it’s correctly generated and there are messages inside it works properly, else you obtain the errors below.
I suggest you to retry generate .pst following this guide if you are using Exchange.



An update.
I followed the same instructions as you have linked to and ran it as a batch export for all mailboxes at once. The mailbox I’m having issues with was the smallest so I started to run the import on that one. I finally got the others exported as well and ran the import of them and for those it went well, at least kind of. When I run du from MailDir I have ~500 MB from a mailbox of 1.3 GB and 1.4 GB from a mailbox of 2.3 GB. It did mention that some mail where skipped during the import process and I need to investigate that a bit more.
I’ve now restarted the export for the mailbox I’m experiencing problems with and we’ll have to wait and see if it goes better this time. The export process is ridiculously slow, it took 12 hours for the smallest mailbox and 20 hours for the largest. One interesting note is that after importing one of the mailboxes I temporarily got SSSD error as mentioned here, Account provider generic error: SSSD exit code 1. It disappeared after a while without I did anything about it. I assume it could be caused by too high load, my server has a i3-4150 and 16 GB RAM.

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Ok. I think that webtop has not problem with this scripts. If you need more support write here, otherwise close the topic marking previously answer as solution.

Thank you.
Have a nice day :slight_smile:

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I ran a second export and ended up with a file that was slightly smaller, about 0.5 MB, and I was able to successfully import it this time.

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