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I cannot block social networks using Authenticated proxy. Maybe has a https issue, because others sites category (ex: porn) works fine.

I have using the “Université Toulouse” blacklist.

Other question is: When in clients not authenticated in domain (PDC), the browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) show me a login display, but the user and password doesn’t work.


he marcelo for blocking facebook and other site use proxy in trasparent mode and select category for blocking your sistes


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I want block with authentication, because I need a user reports.

Also I want block for hour and different user groups.



The proxy authenticated works in authenticated clients (PDC), but in clients not authenticated in domain (PDC), the browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) show me a login display, and the user and password doesn’t work.

Can someone help-me?


We found some problems about it, can you better explain your configuration?

  • Windows Client Version
  • Windows server version Doeas
  • Join to AD by NethServer work correctly? check with “wbinfo -u”

Hi Alessio,

I not using Windows Server. My only server is the NethServer as PDC, Proxy, etc.

Windows Client Version: Windows 7


No solution yet?

Hi @marceloeng,

So it seems like proxy has auth issues both in AD and PDC mode.

It’s hard to find a working config for any client… @nrauso @alefattorini we must dig again into this :confused:

Could this be relevant?

I can connect now. I configured the proxy in browser.

User: DOMAIN\username
Password: userpassword

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I thought that had found the solution for the authenticated proxy without PDC, but this solution don’t work in Windows (tested on 7,8 and 10) . Only work in Firefox on Linux (tested on Fedora).

If the computer has joined in domain, then works.

Can someone help me?

Marcelo Costa

we solved this problem adding rules in the firewall

follow this steps :

1: get the code ASN of facebook ( the result is:AS32934
2: in a linux terminal run the command /usr/bin/whois -h '!gAS32934’
3: copy all ip networks
4: in the “firewall groups” create a networks for each network ip, for example
name : facebook 001
network address :

name : facebook 002
network address :

5: in the "firewall groups " create a “network/host group” and add each network created before.

6: in the “firewall rules” create a new rule
source > standard networks : green
destination > network/host groups : facebook

7: if need permit access to some users, create a new rule and add the ip and permit all trafic


@marceloeng could you test it? Looks interesting, thanks for sharing! @m_farlotta

Would you mind to create a new howto/tipandtricks ? It might be useful to highlight it.