Proxmox Nethsever Backup

NethServer Version: 7.9
I have again a strange situation with backups, seems to be a endless joke with me. Everyday the Proxmox Server where the Nethserver is installed do a backup. it was always from the size comparable like the server. Three days ago its is more then double big like before and the size of the server vm is. i checked on proxmox and nethserver for big files etc. but without finding something. maybe someone of you guys also had in the past something like this.

Nethserver has exact 63,04 GB the VM Backup has 164,34 GB.

Thx for your suggestions, wish everyone a great weekend.

Hi @hucky

Try doing another backup, I think you’ll find the problem has gone…

Most likely a one-off fluke…

My 2 cents

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unfortunateley it is not that way working :sleepy:

does the VM actually have that size?

Do a df on the console…

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no, the VM has not. Also the Netserver has just 64 GB

Does a reboot help (Proxmox, VM)?

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no, i reboot several times, nothing changed.

Proxmox and NethServer are both current?

Maybe try a real disk check on your Proxmox… Sounds like this could be a hardware issue…

Where would the size come from?
Can the backup be restored at all?

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Good Morning,
Proxmox and Nethserver are both the newest Versions with all updates.
I did the real check of the Harddisk of the Proxmox Server as first cause i also thought there should
be a reason for it, but unfortunateley it is not.
I must confess i have no idea where it comes from, and it is only the Nethserver, the other VM´s are in a normal Backup State. I did not restore but maybe i try to restore into another VM and see what happen.

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You could also completly prune & garbage that specific backup, and let PBS recreate that backup anew…

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i deleted the Backup again and will see if something is changed. But it is not a PBS, it is a Backup on a local disk.


A Backup on a local disk - but still on the same box?
Even if it’s different disks, it’s never a good idea.

I think you know better than that! But whatever! :slight_smile:

But that would explain why something like that can happen. Simply said, I’d assume a “race condition” turned up somewhere, and the file got enlarged, or a screwed up symlink, or one link too many…

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its just in the local storages but not the same box.