Problems with multi-wan configuration

(Prakash B S) #1

Sorry, I am little confused., :confused: trying to understand the documentation.
From following If i select Balanced mode, and eth1 fails, all the traffic will route to eth0. Right?
Am I understanding wrong here…

Provider1: network interface eth1, weight 100
Provider2: network interface eth0, weight 50
If balanced mode is selected, the server will route a double number of connections on Provider1 over Provider2.

If active backup mode is selected, the server will route all connection on Provider1; only if Provider1 become unavailable connections will be redirected to Provider2.

Just installing.. Is these features available?
(Giacomo Sanchietti) #2

It’s exactly as you explained.

If the documentation is unclear we can update it!
Also, fill free to do a pull request: