Problems reaching Collabora Office

Could you explain me how to do that "Set in the cockpit landing page that is local domain (alias name of the server).

Here’s a screenshot about setting an alias name:

When I click on the Hostname/Alias in the Dashboard, there is already the Alias present i.e collabora.domain.tld.

From LAN, when I try to access the collabora.domain.tld it send me to the default Nethserver Cockpit webpage.

From WAN I used to access Nextcloud with gw.Domain.tld/nextcloud

Can you reach the admin page?

No I cannot reach the admin page

That’s ok. But if you can’t reach the admin page, there’s a problem.

Please share the config:

config show coolwsd


Looks good. Can you access collabora from Nextcloud?
Is the Collabora Nextcloud app configured correctly?
Is coolwsd service running?

systemctl status -l coolwsd

No, error showing that Collabora is not configured correctly
coolwsd service is active

In Nextcloud, there is no Collabora online

You need to login as admin to be able to manage the apps on the top right of the screen, see Nextcloud docs.

Where/when do you get this error?

Are there errors in messages log?

Error Comes, in the Browser Gui notification, that Collabora online haven’t been set. OR use Collabora demo server

I can login with the Admin account. Do I need to add the app

Do you use a valid certificate for “domain.tld” as recommended? If not you may need to disable certificate verification.

Yest domain.tld have LE certificate.
I masked ( changed the actual domain) with domain.tld before posting it here

Where is the option for disabling certificate validation

In your screenshot under the URL field.

Let me tell you. I had only installed the LE certificate for the gw.l*******.com domain. And while creating the vhost - collabora.domain.tld I used the same certificate.

OK I can try disabling the Certificate, but problem is that I am unable to reach the vhost - collabora.domain.tld.

OK, so you need to add collabora.domain.tld to the LE cert and request it again.

You don’t need to create a vhost in server manager. If you did, please delete it.