Problems joining computers to domain controller

Good afternoon,

I’m new here, I downloaded the NethServer version 7.9.2009.

I’m having a difficulty I don’t know if it’s something simple but I would like this help because it must be the difficulty of new users… I configured a new domain in Nethserver but I can’t in any way enter machines in the domain.

The ip is static.
I can ping the domain controller ip.
I can ping the ip of the server but I can’t in any way enter machines in the domain… could you help me what to do?

My server’s ip is
DC ip is

I’ve tried in all ways but I can’t join.


does the dns of the client is set to use the dns server of NethServer, it is a mandatory


Can you please attach the screenshot? What is the Client OS?
Can you ping your domain from the client machine?


If you use virtualization you may need to configure the virtual network, see manual.


You said you can ping the ip of the DC have you set a DNS record for it (ad.yourserver.tld) and generate a cert for it

Also check on the dashboard front page (system) that if you click on the link listed for your server name in the pop-up ad.yourserver.tld is listed

Also as @stephdl mentioned you need to have the machine your trying to add use nethserver DNS

Lastly on the machine your trying to add can you ping ad.yourserver.tld

If all that works baring any nonstandard things like if it’s on a virtual machine etc repeat the steps to join to the server

But if you need more help we need the following info

The environment which nethserver is running

The OS of the machine your trying to add

Are you using a basic or advanced network environment (basic example=modem/router to server and machine.
Advanced example=modem to firewall to router to server and machine)

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