Problem with spam folder (lately only)

Latest NS7 with all updates on a VM. Works fine for years.

Recently (after last update maybe?), I have noticed a problem opening spam folder.
If I click to see spam, WebTop (and not the browser - as it happens only on the section where I would see the list of mail) just displays the round “wait” animation.
Only solution is to log out, log in again and go straight to spam folder.
This time it shows (it’s not even real spam, just a couple of ads from shops I have bought things from).

If instead, while it “waits” to build the spam folder contents, I just click on another webtop folder, it works fine. So my session is not frozen. It only happens when I click spam folder.

Note that I have left it even for 5 min and it didn’t progress. Also, my spam folder is usually empty (I only get 1-2 spam every few days), it is not that it has a huge list to read.

If this happened once, it would just be a hiccup. Buts seems to happen almost every day.
Only spam folder, I can click any other folder (even when this happens) and it works, but spam folder no, until I logout and login.
I know I don’t provide much info (nor one of the actual email), but I open this, first of all, to see if it rings a bell to anybody and when it happens again I can follow up with more info.

Spam folder have ever been compacted via IMAP or WebTop?

No. Never needed that as it never was large and actually didn’t even know I could do that.

“SPAM” folder is… a mbox file :slight_smile: which receive messages.
I’d suggest you to try to compact the file. Might change a dime, and maybe it’s already done automatically, but it’s a test if the problem might be filesystem.

Ηow do I do that using webtop?