Problem with Domain Accounts

There is a problem with domain Acounts (I had setup the AD) and the netxcloud doesn’t work.

Hi Hector, did you manage to solve the problem?

Could you give us more information about it? Any error message in /var/log/messages? What does the “Domain Accounts” page show?

I see a couple of issues in your log file.

Aug  4 20:00:32 nethserver network: Bringing up interface eth0:  ERROR    : [/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifup-eth] Error, some other host already uses address
Aug  4 20:00:32 nethserver /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifup-eth: Error, some other host already uses address
Aug  4 20:14:46 nethserver httpd: [ERROR] NethServer\Tool\GroupProvider: AccountProvider_Error_1
Aug  4 20:14:46 nethserver httpd: [ERROR] (Invalid argument): IO::Socket::INET: Bad hostname ''

This explain the “freeze” effect in the Dashboard. Could you attach the output of

account-provider-test dump

I reinstall the server in Upgrade1 to upgrade1 and it works good, i reconfigure the network card and Voila!!! it works, now I’m setting up a production environment, I have to put in the virtual machine later (we don’t like use virtualization) and remake the same experiment. I’m not free to use the network as I want, is bit buggy The configuration of the network card.

When we finished the server in a couple weeks, I can make tests again.

Thanks david.

[root@nethserver ~]# account-provider-test dump
“LdapURI” : “ldaps://”,
“StartTls” : “”,
“port” : 636,
“host” : “”,
“isAD” : “1”,
“isLdap” : “”,
“UserDN” : “dc=ad,dc=info2,dc=unicentrobogota,dc=com”,
“GroupDN” : “dc=ad,dc=info2,dc=unicentrobogota,dc=com”,
“BindPassword” : “**************”,
“BaseDN” : “dc=ad,dc=info2,dc=unicentrobogota,dc=com”,
“LdapUriDn” : “ldap:///dc%3Dad%2Cdc%3Dinfo2%2Cdc%3Dunicentrobogota%2Cdc%3Dcom”

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