Problem with already deleted Backup

NethServer Version: 7.7.1908
Module: Backup

Hi at all,

it seems that i have some troubles with the backup.
I have done some tests. Means create and delete new Backup-Data.
I had created an Backup with the name: backup-backup-test
It was based on duplicity and a wrong setting brings an error.
I have delete after the error the backup and want to create a new.
But the errors goes not away. And on the log i get permanentely following information.

statvfs(/mnt/backup-backup-test) failed: Transport endpoint is not connected

on the localhost:980 i get also errors that causes by this test backup.

So my goal is now to delete all from the backup-data-test to start new.

Many thanks for your help.

best regards


Did you solve it?
It could be that the mount directory was left mounted due to a crash or error.
You can try to unmount it from the command line.

hi many thanks for reply.
So i have umount this but the error on the :980 dont goes away.
but it seems to be that the statvfs error stops.

where can i see where the error come from?

many thanks for help


Did the backup task ran again? (Result: ERROR is for the last ran backup)

/var/log/messages and /var/log/backup/* could be a good starting point.