Problem adding email addresses

NethServer Version: 7.9.2009
Module: email
I have a new nethserver with 4 domains say d1 to d4
I need separate info@ accounts for each domain so I have users info1, info2, info3 and info4
I can add those addresses and all is fine.
If I try to add john@d1 to john1 user it works but the other domains to john2, john3 and john4 fail.

When I click on create after a few seconds it just stops and does not close the popup box.

I suspect I may have created an address pointing at more than one domain before this happened, but I have deleted all john addresses and started again.

If I create a user test I cannot use that as a destination for john@d3 or d4

I can complete the above for jon@ but the guy’s name is John.

It feels like there is something lingering in a file or database that says the address is already being used, even though I have deleted it (on the server web interface)

I have spent a whole day searching but have failed to find any help, so apologies if the answer is somewhere “obvious”, I have struggled to find terms to search on.

The only applications I have installed are email, webmail, crontab manager, web server and anti virus.


On digging further on the terminal I typed:

db accounts show

along with all the accounts that worked, it showed


That was it there was nothing else on the line or before the next address.

I could create the accounts properly after typing

db accounts delete john@d1
db accounts delete john@d2

So all is sorted. Unless of course this is going to kill anything off.

Thanks all.

Hi @keving3000 happy to read you are sorted out,

One remark I’d like to bring under the attention of to new NethServer users is, by design NS is a single organization SMB-server.
This implies you can have only one username “john” if there are more “john’s” one need to make up an user-account naming scheme that fits the single organization.

I suspect @keving3000 did not install an accountprovider. And is using just the mail module to create mail addresses for local accounts…
It wouldn’t be my choice to use nethserver this way, but it can work.