Problem access after interactive installation


I have installed the interactive version,

I see and ping the ip addresses of the two network cards,

but I can not enter with https://ip:980

the port 980 are closed

does anyone help me?


Just use one network card, are you connected with the correct network card, on the LAN side?

Access Server Manager

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Please, give to us more informations about your installation

If you try to access to dashboard with Mozilla Firefox, please let’s try with Google Chrome

Make sure the IP on the green network is what you expect

Try with a ssh client (putty or kitty) to connect to ssh port of your server


I have installed “nethserver-7.4.1708-x86_64.iso” in a vmware virtual machine with 2 network cards

i select interactive installation ; select some info: time, pass,keyboard ita, system ita, root password , and the system install, and reboot on the terminal

i scan the tcp open port and only 22 is open on both network cards

…I doubt that the installation has not been completed …

I use Workstation 14 and had problems with a NAT network device. As @fausp suggested you may try it with just one bridged interface in your VM settings. You could easily add another network device later on.

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Try to install Nethserver leaving system language in English.
Change only the keyobard configuration in Italian.


HI , i have reinstalled on interactive mode, [ with the system english ]

and work …


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