Printer problem

Hi, In the middle of installing Nethserver 6.7. I have a Samsung SCX-4200 laser printer connected by USB, no problems in my old OS (Xubuntu 14.04 using CUPS) on the same hardware. ‘lsusb’ shows the printer is connected and recognised in the nethserver system. The Dashboard ‘Printers’ page shows ‘No printers found’, if I click on ‘Printers’ in the left column the resulting (blank) web page times out. Do I need to install any additional software to add printers ?


Yes, CUPS. Then follow the server-manager link to configure the printer.

The latest version of CUPS is already installed. I can access it at https://myserver:631/admin and have set up my printer, which now appears under the ‘Printers’ tab in the dashboard, but the ‘Printers’ option on the left still times out. As yet I cannot get nethserver to share the printer on the network, maybe I’ve still missed something :frowning:


Apologies for suggesting simple checks, I have to start from the beginning.

The Printers menu simply links to https://your_host_name:631
If the link doesn’t work, you may have dns name resolution problems, but let’s leave this aside now.

I suppose you’re trying to use the smb protocol to reach the shared printer. Could you try to restart samba?
service smb restart

Ok thanks, something else I need to sort then

Restarting the smb service makes no difference.

What seems odd is when I use CUPS to install the printer in Xubuntu it comes straight up with the correct Samsung SCX-4200 driver, installs and just works, including sharing if I enable it.

When I try the same thing in nethserver there’s no SCX-4200 driver available, so presumably accepting the one offered simply doesn’t work :frowning:

I assume the debian (ubuntu) repositories have drivers, the CentOS repositories don’t.

Not sure what the answer is here as there appear to be no other Linux drivers available for my printer.


I usually go to to find drivers. don’t appear to list my printer :frowning:

I found this :

…which appears to be what I need, but this is available for CentOS 7, nethserver 6.7 is CentOS 6 based (I assume), the first command gives an error ‘-bash: yum-config-manager: command not found’. I couldn’t find a version for CentOS 6 and at present I’m not familiar enough with CentOS to fathom out where to go from here.


I think that your best option is to wait a few weeks for NS7.
But a quick google search returned an official package that I installed with success on NS 6.8 with the following command:
yum install


I tried this but received a lot of ‘PYCURL 22’ errors relating to ‘mirrors not found’. I think I need to take time out and spend some time becoming familiar with the CentOS way of handling packages. Debian/Ubuntu is no problem, YUM etc. is all new to me !

When is NS7 due for release ? Maybe I should do as you suggest and wait until that is released before continuing.

Thanks again


So you probably have network problems (I recall the DNS name resolution problem, maybe it’s related).
yum is not different from apt-get.

NS7 is still in alpha, we hope to enter beta with the next release. Entering beta means that we will use it in production since it will be possibile to do in place upgrades to final.
I expect that we need a few weeks.