Pretty silence on NS8 whats cooking up

hello guys,

there seems to be alot of silenc eon NS8, whats really cooking up, the Trello Board looks frozen in time, marketing dept, whats cooking up generally.

25th of April
1st of May
This period might lead a slight… slowdown in project evolution.

Trello board is not dead at all, I see activity on it!
If you want a closer look on what’s going on, see the list of open PRs.

I know, we are not chatty but we did a lot of work during these days:

  • @andre8244 and @davidep implemented the logic and the UI for leader promotion
  • @Amygos just released a huge workflow that automatically generates VM images on each core release
  • @stephdl is cooking the first release of Crowdsec
  • @Stll0 and Tommaso are working hard on the PBX side (we just opened a previously closed-source core component :no_mouth: )

We will soon start the implementation of the file server UI and the postfix mail queue page.
Last but not least, Lucia is designing the new wonderful NextSecurity firewall UI.


wow, i am loving this design for nextsecurity, looks nify, and with its own dashboard interface?! nice. one

are you opnesourcing the previous nethvoice interface and components, WOW, didnt see that one coming, unless am wrong in my thinking…

sure, creating VM images for multiple platforms will build tractions as well as build awareness for the project, as people will be asking what is nethserver when they see it in vm repo of major providers like digital ocean,

ok @giacomo i understand you are not chatty, but things are moving.

From a marketing perspective, i think you need to be abit chatty, introduce a blog with weekly tid bits updates of whats happening in Nethserver, and what to expect or whats coming, or could me monhtly as well,

All these build up to content for search ranking as well as delivers interest for new users to want to know more and expecting the new version.

ps, my 2 cents.