Poll now option for POP3 connector


Finally got back to installing and setting up Nethserver 7.2 (rc2). My priorities are a mail server for collecting mail from multiple POP3 type accounts, Gmail etc., and a gateway/Firewall for my soho network.

I’ve started to set up the POP3 connector. Not sure if this would be possible, but it would be very useful to have a ‘Poll now’ option under ‘Actions’ and a ‘Status’ column showing things like ‘Last connected 13:45 on 01/12/16, success’ or ‘Connection failed, authentication error’ for each account. The ‘Poll now’ Action would be the priority as this requirement often crops up on my existing server.

I can see from the log files my initial setup is collecting email, is there a way of viewing the user mailboxes and messages ? This would logically come under the ‘Management’ group along with ‘email addresses’ etc. would it not ?


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Thanks for your suggestion and sorry for the late response,
Although I don’t know how much work it needs, we’ll probably give it a go as we did in the “fetchmail” implementation

I collected some others feedback about this. Generally it’s used to test getmail behavior when the configuration change.