Please help us to a spread the NethServer 7.6 word 📢

We have released NethServer 7.6! We’ll be shouting about it from all the digital hilltops today, this week, and for the rest of the month. If you’d like to make sure others know about this awesome release, here are a few things you can do. :loudspeaker: :loudspeaker: :loudspeaker:

Social Networks

Much of the conversation around NethServer happens over social media. And it is your advocacy that will help others find out about the release! You can re-tweet and share the messages we put out on our Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

Please check, comments and share our posts on:

Your tweet or post about NethServer

Copy/paste on your timeline

Did you hear the news? NethServer 7.6 is here. New multiple backups, modern GUI, WebTop Groupware 5.5 and many more #opensource

It’s here! The @NethServer community unveils version 7.6 of its server-oriented, Linux-based operating system. Download it today: #opensource #nethserver

NethServer 7.6 is here with new multiple backups, modern GUI and WebTop Groupware 5.5. Download it now #nethserver

New toy for your holidays to play with? #NethServer 7.6 is here #opensource

News Sites

A very important area where you can help is with submissions to news sites. That includes the likes of Slashdot, reddit and many others you can think of, especially those in your local languagethey should have a post about the NethServer release and you can make that happen!

Here is a nice text you can use, or translate, in order to submit the NethServer 7.6 announcement to sites:

Did you hear the news? NethServer 7.6 - server-oriented, Linux-based operating system - is released. New multiple backups, modern GUI, WebTop Groupware 5.5 and many more

So get out there and be ready to spread the word!


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thanks @apradoc and @renesigi :handshake:


Hi thats a good reson to write a articel in CT IT-Magazin :wink:
look at
I will try to conect them again, when my nethserver ist fliying incluing FreePBX…

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