Please help us: spread NethServer word!

Hi NethServeriziens,

first of all thanks for all you have made for this community and NethServer till now (questions, tips, code etc.)

Now we ask you some help spreading the word, we want to increase NethServer popularity all around the world. It requires minutes maybe less.

##First method: send invites
Sending invites is something you can find in many web site called “tell it to a friend”.
You have two way to send an invite: directly from a post, from your profile.

###Directly from a post
At the end of every post you have buttons such these in the image below

click the “Invite” button to display this window

type email address of the person you want to send the invite and click on the button “Email invite”.

From your profile

You can send multiple invites from your profile section.
On the top right corner click on your image

then click on “Messages” item, it will be displayed this heading on the top of the page

click on the “Invites” button to access Invites section, the home page gives you: on the left a text field to search within your sent invites, on the right the button “Send an invite”

click on “Send an invite” to display the relative window

or copy the invite link to send a Personal email from your email client

sending one invite at a time you’ll get your list of invites as shown below

from the list above you can control state of your sent invites (accepted, in stand by, expired) resend them or remove one or more.

##Second method: share a post
At the end of every post you have buttons such these in the image below

click on the “Share” button to display its relative window

click on your favorite method such as: Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or Email.
Share as much as you can and earn badges

You can use whichever method you prefer, both are suggested :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

…and remember


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Do you know that following this guide you can achieve this badge?

Or better this:

If someone sends a invite to me for everything, that person and the relative product automatically go at the very last place of my “very not important things to do” list…