PhoneHome UUID can be cloned

I saw that the phoneHome uuid is cloned by the VM with Proxmox (Should be right for any other virtual solution). I see no problem with that, except that if a company hosts several NS, you will have the same ping on the Phone Home map.

Do I’m wrong ?

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Of course if you use cloned VM, the UUID will be cloned too since it’s saved inside the configuration db.
You can workaround the problem with these commands:

 config delprop phone-home uuid
 signal-event nethserver-phonehome-update

An unique uuid can be found from plenty other ways, displayed in the dashboard if needed.

Sure that the statistics are false :slight_smile:

Of course, but you need to store it somewhere.
Cloning VM’s could always lead to the same problem, I guess the right way to go it’s write something for your provisioning tool like cloudinit.

without to go so far, you can retrieve it on the flight, I’m not sure to store it in a db is something usefull

It depends what are you looking for.
In your case the UUID is hadware specific, in the phone-home implementation it changes between installation.

Honestly I like your solution, is it available on every hardware?
Also I’m afraid that changing it right now would impact an all statistics, which are not perfect but should have a low margin of error.

Dmidecode looks after the bios uuid which is unique even on a virtual platform…should be workable on every arch

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