Password Expiration Email

Im looking for setup , password expiration for users .Is there
any way can i manually send password expiration warning email for testing purpose?
i try to reduce number of days with “config setprop passwordstrength PassWarning number
or "config setprop passwordstrength MaxPassAge number "but i dont recive any mail.

How can i test this?

System version
NethServer release 7.5.1804 (final)
Kernel release



Sorry for late response.
At the gui the minimum for expiration is 7 days, but you schould be able to change it with the following command, like you did it:

config setprop passwordstrength PassWarning

It’s for Nethserver 6, but I think it’s the same for 7.

I think there is a problem with your root mails, perhaps somebody else from @support_team can help.

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I had already read this post but i thought there is difference about version 6 and 7
ok i will check if root mails have any problem :slight_smile:

Best Regards!