Parental Control of Proxy

I was thinking it would be useful in some settings (offices, schools, homes, etc.) to implement a parental control of proxy.
Example: for a specific time can surf social networks and other specified arrival time, can not sail without these selected by browsing other sites such as e-journals and sites being affected.
A condition that could be spectacular, that this blockade can be selected for days … for example: Monday to Friday from 10 at night and you can not browse those sites until 8 am and Saturdays and Sundays are not has limits.


Actually, with the web content filter you can do all theses adjustes.
Sure, It’s not called Parental Control, but you can setup the content filtering with time restriction, content type ( adulte, porn, and so on…)
Did you try to go in the Web Content Filter, filters and edit the default filter?

We can help to set it up properlly.

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