ownCloud Database Not Properly Recreated with Reinstall

  1. Use mySQL or phpMyAdmin to drop the old ownCloud database.
  2. “yum remove owncloud” as root.
  3. “yum install nethserver-owncloud” as root or install ownCloud from Nethserver Web Admin.
  4. Go to youdomain/owncloud.

The following error occurs:

An exception occurred while executing 'SELECT `configvalue`, `appid` 
FROM `appconfig` WHERE `configkey` = ?' with params ["enabled"]:

SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 
'owncloud.appconfig' doesn't exist

and the created “owncloud” database is empty.


It turns out the issue is that there are leftover files in /var/www/html/owncloud that aren’t deleted when owncloud is uninstalled, leaving behind configuration files that interfere with the normal nethserver-owncloud installation process. So if you need to reinstall, remember to remove (and backup) or move that folder first.

Thanks, you’re right! Those folders should be deleted to a cleanup the system correctly