Owncloud and personal directory

(sorry for my bad english)
but… owncloud don’t work with personal directory of the user?
it’s possibile, in a nethserver like domain controller, see the personal directory throught owncloud?

Access samba user home through owncloud? Usually the Z: windows drive.
It’s possible. Enabled the External storage app and add a storage selecting Username as share.

where can i found this menu?

Take a look at the App panel and follow Filippo’s suggestion

ok… same question… :smile:
where is “app panel” menù? what is the italian name?

on the top left :slight_smile:

i have only this menu. my nethserver is broken? :slight_smile:

Owncloud menu!

me again :stuck_out_tongue:

i have only this:

i have only this:

You should ne logged in as owncloud admin :wink: not as normal user.

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it’s the same :smile:

No @gecco ! :smile:

Try admin with password Nethesis,1234

Don’t worry it was the same for me first time(s) :wink:
ownCloud has is own admin account.

thanks a lot
after only a week my problem is solved :smiley:

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