Owncloud 7 remote drive locations

For those interested…My network server has limited drive capacity so when I installed own-cloud 7 i wanted to us a remote storage location. On my network I have a Ubuntu database server running ver 14.04 Lts and Postgress 9.3 so this was a good location to hold my picture album, files and backups. I installed two x 2tb hard drives and used the Ubuntu / Linus NFS protocol to export the locations across my network. The first drive of 250 GB runs Ubuntu the second drive is my cloud storage and the third drive a direct copy of the cloud storage.

On owncloud I used the sftp protocol to map to the network drives. The drives now can be seen across on all PC’s across my network and Internet. I am not the world’s best on the Linux command line but I have managed to make it work.


We will be moving to NextCloud as OwnCloud replacement. At the moment they share similar features, if you want to give it a try (for testing purposes) the same can be done with NextCloud, as it offers external storage support for SWIFT, (S)FTP, WebDAV, Amazon S3, Google Drive, Dropbox, SMB/CIFS/Windows Network Drive and Open Stack Object Storage.

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NethServer Nextcloud 1.0.0 is available from updates repository

It brings nextcloud 9.0.53


Are you saying I should install Next-Cloud onto my network server, I am currently on Centos/Nethserver 6.8, what about the removal of Own-cloud 7 ???. I looked at the Next-cloud website, seems impressive but not dissimilar to Own-cloud 7, so what are the advantages…