Outlook Trash: do I understand right?


NethServer Version: 7.5.1804 (final)
Module: email
am I right in my understanding of the “dovecot DeletedToTrash” function/setting?

  1. It does not move the “deleted” marked email to trash but copy?
  2. It does not create the “Trash” folder, Trash has to be created on another way, ex. by deleting a message in roundcube.
    The Docs say:
    You should also change Outlook configuration to hide deleted messages from inbox folder. This configuration is available in the options menu.
    My tests with Outlook 2007 show that the deleted message still resides in the INBOX after deleting, but it’s in Trash too.
    To get rid of the marked messages in INBOX, one may set "Account=>General=>“delete elements online when changing folders” (badly translated from german)

Thank you for any clarification

It does move it but Outlook still shows it in the inbox when the options are not set. In newer versions “delete elements online when changing folders” seems to be default.

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As Markus said, it’s an Outlook behaviour. But in Outlook is also an option to move them to the trash or leave them in INBOX.
Have a look at the photo:


The setting says:

Mark elements to delete, but don’t move them automatically.

If you don’t mark this checkbox the mails are moved to trash.

Thank you both.
@Michael: We’re using Outlook 2007 here, the Trash Options appeared in later versions.

Please have a look at Folder (Ordner) Tab, I think it’s there.

Edit!!! OK, at Outlook 2007 there’s no option to do it.

Only options are upgrading to Outlook 2010 or newer, or to take a client which could better work with IMAP as Outlook (in every version) can. Thunderbird could be an option here.

I’ve found the following:

  • mark the folder (Inbox)
  • have a look at the view menu item
  • current view
  • Hide Messages Marked for Deletion

That way you just hide the messages, but they keep using space. I see them in roundcube too, it’s not just an outlook view problem.
I can live with this behaviour, just wanted to make sure I don’t miss something.

Did you try to delete them in roundcube? If you do so they should be moved to trash.

I know it’s not so easy to convince customers from a new software, but sometimes it is the best way.