Organizing November Community Hangout and NethCamp

the time has come for a new community hangout.

This time, we could do it together with another event the annually Nethesis NethCamp, a company event where Nethesis is used to plan its future.

I’m going to host the hangout directly from there maybe it’s a good time to meet together and have a glimpse at the camp

Looking at you my hangout friends: @etino @sitz @davidep @mabeleira @medworthy @andreac @Ctek @Nas @vcc @warren_midgley @jgjimenezs @WillZen @JOduMonT @dz00te @Jim

Is there anyone else who’d like to join us?

How about Saturday, November 14th? Make your choice:

Do you have any proposal for the topic?

What is the best hour / timezone to plane this Hangout?

Look at the doodle

I choose 9:30pm Singapore time :smiley:

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Checked time already.

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Saturday, 14th November it will be my birthday…

Hope to join without troubles…

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And don’t you like to celebrate with us? :smiley:

Sure :smile: but my parents will come for dinner so I hope my wife doesn’t need my help at all :grin:

You know…go to shopping, go here, go there… :cold_sweat:

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Don’t worry, you know your wife loves me! :smiley:

Good, currently we are: me @sitz @mabeleira @jim @ironsky
Can we reach 6-7 participants at least?


let’s invite @vhinzsanchez here :smiley:


Thanks, but as much as I wanted to, and you all know I really wanted, time is not on my side, as usual. @ironsky, you know the drill in EDSA, and I’m living in Novaliches (travel time eats a lot of my time)…and I have work until Saturdays. :scream:

Yes, i understand mate. Don’t tell me your work is in makati?

My place is in makati, palanan area, near in cash and carry.

But I’m here now in Singapore for work :smile:

Ehi, hangout will be really exciting! :stuck_out_tongue: new and old people around!
Anyone else would like to add his own name? @adam @stephdl @GG_jr @syntaxerrormmm @islipfd19 @Uros_Benkic @fasttech @apradoc

Edit: currently participants are @Jim @ironsky @mabeleira @giacomo @sitz @willzen and me

What is the redline? Or guideline?

No guideline so far, would you like to suggest any topic?

I’m not sure to participate this hangout :unamused: pb of avaibility

So I’m not in good position to make suggestion.

Okay! I’m in the area -4: 30 GMT. With a good Venezuelan coffee :coffee: and cassava crackers I can resolve the meeting.
9 am in Caracas. So far I attend :+1:

I would like to talk about the requirement on a server for a small or a medium business and how much work they will accept to set it up and to maintain.
I got the impression that some of you have a different view of the situation than like me which is working in his own small business and have contact to medium business as well.

@alefattorini i will join too…