Option to leave visible folder on the share samba

Option to leave visible folder on the share samba

Good evening everyone, I’m testing this solution so far has pleased me a lot and looks that have tested and use several other projects and that surprised me in how good is in such a short time.

However a simple thing that I found in other solutions and that currently contains the Nethserver is something very simple, the web manager in the area of creating a Shared Folder, there is an option if the folder is visible or not for users. In my case it dai is very important, as I usually create a shared folder by groups and work with ACLs to say who has the right to what.

Then I would ask if possible that in the next updates of Samba, as well as trash, add a check box to browseable = yes.

Thanks again for this great tool is likely that I will use to replace the Zentyal and Resara Server for legacy clients.

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you could make this feature by yourself, or say what config line should add and i’l help you to achive this goal!

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The really to be done, I saw in the documentation that is to do this by editing the template of the samba module, however added as application feature it is something simple and that might be of interest to many users of the solution. =)

If the interesting team of developers add well find otherwise, nothing like a small “patch” of modification to add this functionality in my environment. =)

You could modify template by your own , while dev make this feature!

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Give exactly he would do, just came request this functionality, for I hope that the project grow more and be even more complete for not only me, more for all users that use it. =)

I have other changes I intend to do, however they are more for my usage profile and not for general use, so do not think it’s feasible to do her request for the project. =)

#so lets start :

mkdir /etc/e-smith/templates-custom/etc/samba/smb.conf/ibay-default
cp /etc/e-smith/templates/etc/samba/smb.conf/ibay-default/20profile_default /etc/e-smith/templates-custom/etc/samba/smb.conf/ibay-default/20profile_default

then edit file:

vi /etc/e-smith/templates-custom/etc/samba/smb.conf/ibay-default/20profile_default
add line 
browseable           = yes
finnaly run : 
signal-event nethserver-samba-update

And have a cup of coffe


Thank you very much for your help at this point, was still completing my tests in other tools that intend to deploy the first customer next week, before seeking that held the Samba templates to modify them.
With this his help, and using this change as an example, future modifications will be even easier to implement.

Many thanks again for your help with this and I hope that soon I will be more one of helping in the forum. =)

you should add

 browseable           = { ($ibay{SmbBrowseable} || 'disabled') eq 'enabled' ? 'yes' : 'no' }

and set a new db per Ibay to allow or not the share to be visible (enabled/disabled)

db accounts setprop ouioui SmbBrowseable enabled

after that you could modify accordingly the


and get a new options in the manager


How about update , they would revert php changes.

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no, if you share your edits here… they’ll likely be included into the next release :wink:

Hehe, @stephdl have done this already :slight_smile:

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then do a patch and propose a PR to github


@tacioandrade, would you like to file an enhancement request on dev.nethserver.org?

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@stephdl This dai is exactly what I wanted to do, however in my case would not know how to do initially not understand the tags used in the template files to pass information and would really break his head slightly.

@Nas actually it would give a complication, have to be careful at every moment with atualizaçẽos in netshserver-samba package. = / And I hope that the last modification by stephdl be accepted by the community and added to the next release, otherwise I will have to be careful every update that package again to patch the php files.

@filippo_carletti I did not know the dev.nethserver.org, so I came at the community forum to the request functionality. The next ideas you have, try to take you there as well.


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Thanks to @SystemEd-Jacob, the new package is in QA!


taken! since I’m already fighting with windows for others qa… :scream:

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Thanks man! I’ll pray for you :stuck_out_tongue:


The bug didn’t pass the first QA round, but it should be fixed now.

@SystemEd-Jacob can you try it?

@tacioandrade would you help us with QA checking the issue?