Openvpn doesn't start

NethServer Version: 7.9

Hi guys,
nice to meet you.

I’m new on Nethserver and I’ve installed some modules to test them. What happen is that the OpenVPN module failed to start with the error “dns.service_action_error”. Inserting the command in the terminal, as asked by the popup I obtain
“id”: “1633777454”,
“type”: “EventFailed”,
“message”: “Action failed”

Is there someone that can help me ??


Did you already configure openvpn or did you get the error immediately after installation?

Please check the logfile /var/log/messages for more error details.

Hi Markus,

many thanks for your reply.

Immediatly after the setup of the server, trying to start the service, I obtained the error. What I can say that may help to understand is that the same error occur trying to start other services that probably needs a shared components.

Thanks again


Do the services work? Maybe it’s just an UI error? Please check logfiles to see what’s going on…