OpenVPN Client issues

I set up openvpn client (net2net?) with my vpn provider. I used the openvpn config, so copied the ca into the client, added the username, pass, port, and server but I cant tell if its running or not. My ip does not change, I do not know what I am doing wrong. My vpn provider supports all the protocols, openvpn, ipsec, etc, and all the info has been added, It just doesn’t look like its working. I have openvpn on my pc, but it would be nice to have it on the server.

Please give us some more details.
What are you trying to do, how do you configure it?

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In “Client” tab I type in the ip of the vpn server, “x.x.x.x”, select username, passowrd and cert, I copied the cert from my vpn provider and use the username and pass they give me, but it doesnt seem to connect.

You should inspect the logs and report here your findings.

Take a look at:

journalctl -u openvpn@<your_vpn_name>

I mean this is the error,

“Error: private key password verification failed”

But the key is correct and didnt require a password to generate? I am using a vpn service, and the certificate authority is correct and my username and pass are correct because I can login with the OpenVPN standalone app, just not the nethserver client section.\

Edit: I just talked to my vpn guy and I need to use a certain word as a “Private Key” which would explain the issue, but NS does not allow for me to type in a private key, or am I missing something?

There are a lot of settings available for a VPN Client that are not exposed via the UI.

I found it easier to just load the client OpenVPN conf file, as supplied by my VPN provider, in /etc/openvpn and manually configure systemd to use it.