OpenLDAP error deleted user

I deleted the user on nethserver via the user and group menus and then I guess all users and data on Nextcloud, Sogo, FreePBX, etc. were deleted but it couldn’t be erased automatically when I saw their database in the account section the user name and data were written on " / var / lib / nethserver "still exists, so user history is still visible because not everything can be deleted automatically and I have to delete it manually, especially when I try to delete a folder in nextcloud always the folder cannot be deleted

On user deletion, only the home directory is removed.
But after a meeting with our GDPR consultant, we are thinking to remove such behavior and leave all data in place (since in a company context, the data are owned by the company, not by the user).

You need to manually delete user data from all applications.
We have plan to document how to do it.

Ok, I will wait for the documentation because this is very important so that we can know the user in any software or service that has not been erased clean and the data

Keep us in the loop on the policy; because now SOGo hook’s in on user-delete and should remove all appointment and calender data from it’s database.



yep…some decisions will be taken, either document (I am not fan) or code a global prop to decide what to do: remove or keep user’s data

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