Opening a link reuses the tab, with no history

OK here is a weird issue I have for some time, but never got to report it.
So it is there in latest release and updates, but was there for way back.
Still it is not proper behavior.

It happens when I get an email and that email has more than one links.
If I click to follow a link it opens fine in a new tab.
If I click a second link in the same email, it opens IN THE SAME tab as the previous link with no “back” functionality (the tab doesn’t remember the first link I clicked)!
Clicking the links again, re-use the same tab over and over, with no history.

If I actually want both links to open in separate tabs (which is the normal and expected behavior), I need to copy the URL of one of the links and paste it myself to a new tab.

Any ideas why this is happening?
Could it be a setting or a flag somewhere?

PS. Using the middle mouse button, I can overcome this issue, this is why it can be considered minor. But still looks like a bug.

Hi Nick,
I really believe that what you report does not depend on WebTop but only on how the html link was created in the email.

Some details can also be found here:

For example, if you try to send some links from WebTop you will see that they will be inserted with the right target to get what you expect: a new tab for each link :wink:

For example, entering in the source code you will find this:

`<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener"></a>` 


I understand what you are saying, but I don’t think it fits:

  1. We are talking about simple copy paste from URL browser bar, to an email. So I am not pasting HTML code, the link code is generated by webtop.

  2. Why it doesn’t happen when I paste a single URL, but happens when I paste two or more? (one by one)

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Hi Nick,
you know you’re right :blush: … I did several tests and in fact I confirm that with the links copied from the browser URL and sent via email, if you read the email with WebTop they always open in the same TAB while if I read it with other webmails (Roundcube for example) always open in different TABs.

I hope to open the issue as soon as possible on the WebTop bug tracker and report it here.

Thank you very much for your contribution :wink:


Hi Nick,
as promised I leave you the link to the issue that the WebTop development team has already opened and fixed:

A new bug fix release will be released shortly which will also contain this.

Thanks again for the contribution.


Hi @NLS,
the release containing the bug fix you reported is ready to test: :wink:

To update:

yum update \*webtop5\* --enablerepo=nethserver-testing 

I await your confirmation that the link problem is resolved.

Thank you.


I confirm it’s solved :smiley: