One public IP and many domain and web servers

Right now I using Ubuntu server and Apache to create virtual host.

I have two domain with subdomain and some of them go to a folder on the ubuntu server and some use proxypass to some other webservers in my LAN.

Everything have works nice until now when I going to have two servers that need HTTPS.

Before I only have one (Nextcloud) and did make it easy for me and in my router I did make a port forward of 443 to the Nextcloud server. But now I going to have another server (My webmail server) so now I have to make my webserver make a proxypass for even HTTPS and I have try sometime now and not got it to work.

My question here is I have see in the Nethservers manual it looks it have " Virtual hosts" and " Reverse proxy" but is easy to use and what do I have to install. Have someone here use it to make it easy to use HTTP and HTTPS to send it to the right servers and folders?

My idea is to make port forward for 80 and 443 to nethserver and make that send visitors to the ubuntu server and my others webservers.

It should be enough to install the “Reverse proxy” module from Software Center.

Then you can manage your virtualhost reverse proxy config easily by using the web UI.