Old vs new control panel

NethServer Version: 7.7
Module: front end

Third “am I correct to assume” post in a row…
I see that new control panel possibly has some configuration missing that was present in old panel?
(for example SOGo settings)

Guess this is an ongoing project and this is why both panels are available?

Yes, that’s correct (don’t know about SOGo specifically, but I know this is the case for Nextcloud).

Again, correct. I understand the goal is to move to the new system and deprecate the old, but I don’t know if there’s a target date for that.

@NLS thnx for asking for confirmation.
The NethServer-Cockpit module is planned to replace NethGUI IN TIME This means it is still in development and when it is ready, and support at least the same functionality as NethGUI (“old” servermanager) does it will become the default servermanager instead of NethGUI.

@giacomo @davidep I have not seen an official statement yet that NethGUI will be removed completely as soon NethServer-cockpit is ready. I could be I am wrong here and missed something. In that case do you have a link with such a statement?
Can you shed some light?

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Cockpit is already a full replacement of the old Server Manager (NethGUI) and includes many more features.
It still marked a beta because it may have some bugs, but it will be soon marked as stable.

Some modules will not be ported to Cockpit, in particular those modules which are sort of deprecated (like the fax module). More info here: https://github.com/orgs/NethServer/projects/3#card-20260202
The manual already has a note for modules which will not be ported.

SOGo it’s a community project, everybody is welcome to port the user interface to Cockpit (I bet @stephdl already has some plans for it :wink: ).

Our goal is to support the old Server Manager for all NS 7 lifetime, but it will not receive new features. Maybe Cockpit will be default for NS 7.8, but you will still be able to install NethGUI.


Yes I would love to make a sogo Interface to cockpit, I just need to find time…count on me