OK a simple question or two in preparation to new setup

Sure, others ‘synologie’ like get it, the best that we can do as community is to find the skilled guy and to pay him to do it or Nethesis might one day get this paid by one of its customers and reverse it to the community side (I have an example with nethserver-freepbx)

in any case, I am not saying that NS is bad, just that it lucks some of the functionality I need/want and I am just trying to find a setup that will work for me.
my goal is to eliminate the need for CLI or at the very least reduce it to minimum. I want to setup my server in mostly set -it and forget-it manner. if I can use NS great, if I have to use Proxmox it’s ok too, I run many tests and it will work.
Ilike CentOS base but Debian will work as well.

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No problem, we are just talking. NS is still a young product, the story started in 2013 by NS6 alpha, right now NS7 stable is there.

Like any young project, it will become what you can bring !

NS aims to be configurable by the GUI but it drives many hours of coding :slight_smile:

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hay, if I could program in Linux , I would offer my services.
I like how it looks and that it works well.
I love that it is CentOS based as well.
and I did not come here and start demanding that this or that be added to NS, or else :stuck_out_tongue:

I am just asking people here if a specific config would work,
if there is a known conflicting modules that would screw up the setup. etc.

if it works, it works, if it is not, maybe I can wait for next release where it is fixed/added or something.

what is frustrating, and it is not directed at NS in particular, is that basically all good interfaces out there are lucking some very important options and most often than none not even planning to add them. I have been trying to find at least one UI like NS that have at least 3/4 of what I want/need or that would offer a supplemental packages to add the functionality.
so far no luck. an NS coupled with webmin is the best setup I can come up with, that has everything I want.

maybe, but it’s potentially dangerous, that’s all

anybody here is free to do anything he wants to his server, even installing a DE…
but, to all future readers, let’s say that your solution is not supported, that should never used and that it’s prone to error…

A community project is not only for developers, hopefully :slight_smile:

You can be involved in the project if :

  • you write documentations
  • you test code of dev (hence proxmox)
  • you offer forum support
  • you do translations
  • you pay beer at the fosdem
  • etc

At the end when you reach all these goals, then the gap to be a developer is really close


We are on the same page. As you may know, our mission is: To leverage the power of Linux without the complexity

Well said @stephdl ! Take a look also to