Nut and rrd not playing nice together

Just noticed this morning, that after upgrading both CentOS and NS to 6.8 over the weekend that /var/log/messages is being spammed with thousands of messages:

Jun 28 08:21:14 NethServer collectd[32370]: rrdtool plugin: rrd_update_r ( failed: not a simple integer: ‘1.5’

Is there a simple way to stop these.

I saw that same error today, coming from an Eaton UPS. What model do you have?
However, the “fix” is to delete the file current-output.rrd.
It will be correctly re-created in a few seconds.

It’s a TrippLite. And all was OK until the 6.8 update:

Well, almost all. The appear to be no statistics maintained for “Time left”.


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