Ntp-update interval?

NethServer Version: 7.3
Module: NTP

Hi, how is ntp updates handled in NS?
I am running in a VirtualBox VM, and any time I roll back a snapshot for testing, the time sets back to the time of the snapshot, but then the time is never updated. I gave it 24 hours, and even rebooted. The only way I could find to update was to change to manual time, save, and then back to NTP and save.

Try with a restart of chronyd:

 systemctl restart chronyd

The daemon performs a time-step after a few seconds.

That works for manual, but question, how often does NS update the time automatically, it did not update for me after 24 hours and a restart? Can I change this value, and can I force sync on reboot?

If the clock difference is too big, chronyd (ntpd) gives up. One exception is on daemon startup: instead of drifting the clock, a time-step is performed (iburst option).

It is the already configured behavior!

VM snapshots are not a good use case for NTP!