NS8 - public FQDN required?


To be honest, it doesn’t even matter to me.
You can complain as much as you want about the FW in NS8 - so what?
I won’t be using it, except maybe for a single test vm in the cloud…

A server, or even a firewall, where one app, typically evebox, can block the whole box just isn’t professional or usable for me - at all!

I’m thinking more, that you’re providing misleading information / requirements for an Alpha “release”.
The firewall, as such, is even in NS7 very flakey, it’s still evebox which due to bad maintained lists often barfs and blocks the whole box. Even this week there was a post with that very reason, but in NS7…

I don’t see much difference with the FW in NS…

I am looking forward to have NS8 manage all needed services, yes!
But not firewalling, here I need something rock solid, which won’t barf due to a single app…

My 2 cents


More or less what NS7 needs too. Fake domain name could work but we need full domain records to make it workable

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Paragraph has been rephrased omitting the part “public DNS record”.
However: FDQN with public DNS record is still required for geographically distributed cluster?

I complained and explained why in a another topic which is not this one. I recalled that explaining why I’d hope (even if not in the all happy bandwagon around the project) my questions and clarification will be considered bit more than stupid and useless. If I’m wrong, I think that my current “useless and stupid” time won’t spent anymore about that.

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You need a working network connection? Where’s that in the docs? You need mains power? Where’s that in the docs?

Ok, @danb35 loves me more than expected. Thank you for so much appreciacion. :slight_smile:

Me and you already know goals and costruction (well… at least the wishes)of the distro application server called NS8. Me, you and some other tens of thousands of fellows Nethserverians.

IMO for a total noob (of NethServer 7 and NS8) sysadmin should know in advance what avoid for hybrid deployment. Because without some more explanation, this could be a scenario where the “in house cluster” built from scratch can’t become hybrid due to the wrong setup assumption without a total reinstall. And considering that NS7 backup/restore procedure is FDQN-based…