NS8 on Centos 9 error

List domain users: Something went wrong

“context”: {
“action”: “list-domain-groups”,
“data”: {
“domain”: “housesbg.com
“extra”: {
“eventId”: “0d76ec85-0e98-4eb1-ac57-14c0e428cca6”,
“isNotificationHidden”: true,
“title”: “List domain groups”
“id”: “df73ec44-88c0-4538-9b36-1cd008d1c441”,
“parent”: “”,
“queue”: “cluster/tasks”,
“timestamp”: “2022-11-26T13:15:12.309354826Z”,
“user”: “admin”
“status”: “aborted”,
“progress”: 0,
“subTasks”: [],
“validated”: false,
“result”: {
“error”: “Traceback (most recent call last):\n File “/var/lib/nethserver/cluster/actions/list-domain-groups/50list_groups”, line 33, in \n groups = Ldapclient.factory(**domain).list_groups()\n File “/usr/local/agent/pypkg/agent/ldapclient/init.py”, line 31, in factory\n return LdapclientRfc2307(**kwargs)\n File “/usr/local/agent/pypkg/agent/ldapclient/base.py”, line 35, in init\n self.ldapconn = ldap3.Connection(self.ldapsrv,\n File “/usr/local/agent/pyenv/lib64/python3.9/site-packages/ldap3/core/connection.py”, line 363, in init\n self._do_auto_bind()\n File “/usr/local/agent/pyenv/lib64/python3.9/site-packages/ldap3/core/connection.py”, line 387, in _do_auto_bind\n self.open(read_server_info=False)\n File “/usr/local/agent/pyenv/lib64/python3.9/site-packages/ldap3/strategy/sync.py”, line 57, in open\n BaseStrategy.open(self, reset_usage, read_server_info)\n File “/usr/local/agent/pyenv/lib64/python3.9/site-packages/ldap3/strategy/base.py”, line 146, in open\n raise exception_history[0][0]\nldap3.core.exceptions.LDAPSocketOpenError: socket connection error while opening: [Errno 111] Connection refused\n”,
“exit_code”: 1,
“file”: “cluster/task/df73ec44-88c0-4538-9b36-1cd008d1c441”,
“output”: “”

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it works normal under Rocky Linux 9.0


Did u use centos 9 stream ?

I switched too with rocky due to selinux issue

Can you catch something interesting with journalctl ?

yes this was centos 9 stream, and anyway this version 8 of nethserver has meanless error reports which lead you to nowhere - the idea f conteinerized services with cluster support is good but whole thing just do not work … iv managed to make master node with rocky 9 with all soft i want but nginx virtualhost with name of server brokes entire cluster-admin interface … well the whole thing just dond work normal

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Hi Ivelin and welcome to NethServer community!

ldap3.core.exceptions.LDAPSocketOpenError: socket connection error while opening: [Errno 111] Connection refused

They are not completely meanless. I can understand the API code cannot contact the LDAP server because some service is down or misconfigured.

I agree the error report should be improved. We could add a pointer to the Log page, to find the log entries near the error. The Log page itself should be improved. Generally error handling needs care!

Yes that configuration does not work for now. I was talking with @Amygos a few days ago about how to support it.

…well it’s normal, as it is in alpha stage. Another example: since Rocky Linux 9.1 was released, the installation script do not work anymore on that distro :weary:

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hehe “modern programming” which rely on shitload of unknown python modules and versions … every big python related project is doomed …

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