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already worked in NS7 with a single mail instance…

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…but not with true multi-domain support–you couldn’t have fred@domain1 be a different user from fred@domain2. But I don’t think another instance of the mail server module would be the way to address this.

No mentionned “true” above, just mult-domains, which IS possible, albeit using “clutches”.

And yes, it is possible to have mail accounts like you say:


info@domain1.com (Real-User could be info_domain1@server.tld)
info@domain2.com (Real-User could be info_domain2@server.tld)
info@domain3.com (Real-User could be info_domain3@server.tld)

This example can and does also work for your example Fred…

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Somebody cares to make a really good rock solid how-to for usage on an NS8 cluster?

Hi @LayLow

Maybe this might help as starters:



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mentioned once we have a release, they will implement this feature.

i surely truly need them to as well.

if the node can support multiple nextcloud intances, and would support multiple domains, then we are at a good place
i think the @dev_team

not an ideal email setup

I did say it works with clutches, but it works!

I do not think any of this is really needed for an SME environment, and do not aprove any of this if it delays NS8 RELEASE at all !!!

NS8 is NOT designed for a hosting environment, nor for a provider environment, and should not waste resources for this. There are other platforms geared to big money hosting environments…


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MAybe Initially NS was for SME, what if it wants to grow just allitle bit…

For multi domain email server I used Zentyal.
Since all the clients besides the mail server also have a website, I prefer to use several virtualized NS servers, each with one client. Thus, with low costs, each client has his own website, mail server, nextcloud. It is also good if a server goes down. It only happens for one customer.
I still use Zentyal only for authoritative name servers.

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Not maybe, NethServer Was and IS meant for small and medium enterprises, SME…

To quote alefattorini from here:

We changed the product but our mission has remained untouched, it is still easy to administrate and perfectly suited for home setups to small offices and medium enterprises.


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Mind you @oneitonitram, I could also use Multitenancy for my clients, but I’ve settled for a NethServer pro client, like @GG_jr above. (Only mine are at the clients site…).
So I’m NOT against it. But I’d like to see NS8 released first!


NS8 is an operating system, he wrote

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Filed here NethServer 8 · GitHub

Filed here NethServer 8 · GitHub

Filed here NethServer 8 · GitHub

However a similar request was already rejected because applications can detect the port conflict after they are installed. Forbidding the installation can be a limitation too…

A Mail module instance handles many mail domains for the same user domain. One Mail instance per node. There are no plans to add more multi-tenant features to that module, sorry.

I guess you’re referring to About pages, like



As we’ve seen, additional software repositories are possible. The Software Center can read multiple sources, and they are configurable. This allow us to continue to work together in the same way of NS7: developers can publish their apps to personal repositories, and applications can be also hosted under a community “NethForge” repository too.

@LayLow I really appreciate the effort of keeping a list of features, but I think doing it in a single thread makes difficult to discuss each one.

Please, more than ever respect the forum rules: one topic for one thread :pray:

Additional information Development process | NS8 dev manual


regarding this above
as well as this below

Currently, the mail Module is One USer Domain, per mail module
and One Mail Module per Node.

USing the same considering, and going by the fact that all modules are container based.

Would it not be easible to Allow for, Multiple Mail modules per Node, but each must have its Own User Domain.

Say i have AD1 and Ldap 1 each of these can have seprate mail modules on the same Node, and just expose the outside port for both mail modules?

Am just curious, considering you’ve stated you have no plan to support multi tenancy domains.

I think we have a Notion that Multi tenancy in email, means someone want to use the same mail node for multiple clients, Something a Kin to a solution like Zimbra, MAilcow or Carbonio, or any other multi tenant mail system.

Actually, Multi Domain is not the same as Multi tenant.

if one company has 2 products or more, and each product has its own independent domain.

Prodcut1.com prodcut2.com and companywebsite.com

there are instances the mails can overlap and that’s fine, but if we have an email like billing@companyname.com and billing@prodcut1.com each handled by different departmenets, it becomes hectic.

So this request that has appeared multiple town on this forum is not because one wants to use NS8 as an MSP based prodcut, like in Zimbra or any other, ofcourse it was not designed for that purpose.

And as a developer, i think i know the reason fo resuing to support multi tenant features for the mail module is because, most of the other systems have a database based user based system, soits easier to seprate that per domain, but in NS, this is depending on AD or LDap, whihc might be hard to implement.

But, what if each domain added in the separation of concerns uses a totally seprate USer domain, will that not solve the problem?

Despite your several modules, only ONE can use port 25 (per node with it’s own, reachable IP), allowing for mail reception…

And that is the simple part.
Client Access for mail (Smartphones) is not possible, as (client used) mail ports are generally not multiplexable…

Very, very simple!

It seems as a developer, you still do not understand the issues… (see above!)

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Yes indeed

LEts look at a good example of PRoxmal Mail gateway.

you can have multiple instances of mail all proxying to that PMG, so in this case, i was wondering if they could be proxied in some way, since each mail module instance is running essentialy in a container, so each can use their own internal ports etc, or external to internal.

but if as you are suggesting is completely not possible and in no way possible at all, then am afraid, the only way is to get the mail module just be capable of handling difference domains independently

And HOW do you expect any mail client to connect to the mail server module?
They MUST use either ports 110/995 for POP3 or 143/993 for IMAP.

→ Mail was NEVER like web, which does allow “Name based virtual hosts” - so you can’t simply “multiplex” these ports.

→ Another Issue is that a multi-domain mail server will answer the port with it’s server name, which must be “generic” and not based on one of it’s client domains. If the mail server has one blacklisted domain because of spamming, the servers reputation goes down fast, affecting ALL mail domain users!

→ A mail gateway does NOT help with clients. Any Mail Server, even NS7, can “route” incoming mail to a correct internal node / server handling that domain. Outgoing is also possible (Smarthost is the mailgateway). But this does NOT solve any client access for mail clients, be they on a Smartphone or a PC.

As a “Node” has a single IP, the ports like 587, but also 110, 143, 993 and 995 have to point to that node, and will be accordingly answered by the mail module on that node.

And let’s be honest, a mail server without any clients serve only one purpose: Spamming!

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