NS Nextcloud from LDAP to DC

**NethServer Version: 7.6
Module: Nextcloud / Accounts Provider


my homelab / homeserver is due for some refresh. In anticipation of the next version of NS I’m planning a change in my user management. Currently we use Nextcloud in NS with the LDAP accounts provider. I may want to switch from LDAP to DC. I’m now worried that it has been a wrong decission to start with LDAP two years ago. Is my understanding corect, that I will break my nextcloud database when I switch from LDAP to DC given that I need to create new users?

Has someone an idea how to migrate other than asking all users to download their files, contacts and calendars and upload/import all files again into their new accounts?


Sorry for late reply…
This is the reverse of what you want to do but could give you an idea:

Bear in mind there could be other table fields requiring modification.
First better try on a test machine (not in production).

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