NS 6.8 - MD5/SHA1 sum not available / mismatching

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for the latest NS 6.8 version the download page contains the NS 6.7 sums both for MD5 and SHA1.
The mirrors do have the 6.8 sum files but there is a mismatch.

$ md5 nethserver-6.8-x86_64*.iso
MD5 (nethserver-6.8-x86_64.iso) = de0b62fe51395218423ae93550f1a556

$ cat nethserver-.iso.
fed42181727e5d4ab70fe33ac826ed17 nethserver-6.8-x86_64.iso

I believe that for a linux server release trust is very important aspect to consider: nobody must install a version not fulfilling this minimal sum checks. The release process must provide this for all versions, including the NS 7.alpha…

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Agree with you. The sums from the download page have to be updated.
The ones from sourceforge are OK. sums from NethServer mirrors aren’t.

BTW I liked your Hi * :v:


We will fix it in few hours, thank you for reporting!


Hi @vedragan, thank you very much for pointing this out! I can’t agree more with you!

As @dnutan noticed, files from SF are correct, but I forgot to update the sha1sum and md5sum files on mirror.nethserver.org. My mistake :worried:

Now they’re fixed on mirror. @alefattorini could you fix the web site links here, too?

The problem was born when I announced a second ISO here, to fix a bug


Done, enjoy! :slight_smile:


Hi @alefattorini, is it possible to link also the sums for NS7 alpha as per @vedragan request?

I would completely remove the download link to NS7 during alpha stage. I see a lot of people here start using it on production and then ask for support… I’m afraid they’re wasting a lot of time! :scream:

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I beg to differ, Alpha is out just for testing purpose, people should know it. Do we need to highlight better such aspect?

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Done, I just added a warning for alpha too.

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I understand @davidep’s concerns. Great you thought about a warning note.:thumbsup:
Either way will seem ok to me.

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