Noob help - win2008r2 and nethserver

Sorry if this is somewhere in the docs. I just joined nethserver to a win2008r2 domain.
I like to eventually shutdown the win2008 system but I not sure how to make the nethserver
the primary (if that’s even the correct phrase).

Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated
Thanks in advance


Officially, it’s not possible to promote a NethServer member to a DC.

The best and supported way is by recreating the whole AD with users and so on, and migrating your data.
You can use scripts to import users, groups and such.

But: It is inofficially possible, one of the devs even has a setup like this at home, if i recall correctly… This is still Alpha or Beta stuff!

My 2 cents

@Chad_Homan i have a simple question: you want to try, or you have to succeed?

If it’s a second one, maybe NethServer as DC (in this case) it’s not the right choice. Maybe you can find a cheap Windows Server 2016 used license…
Neth Server can set aside for providing other services outside FileServer and ADDC.