No Updates for NethServer since the last four weeks?

Hi Friends,

after a long time in real life i am back now and have a big problem with my wunderfull NethServer.
I keep getting for about three weeks the message, there are no updates available. Is that really so, or if my server a problem? I’ve uploaded a picture with. Maybe that helps further.

Thank you for your help.



For me, the last update was the 13/08/2015.
You can take a look at the yum log viewer in the NS gui


Thank you for the answer. The last update here was 07/08.2015.

Updated: perl-Net-Server-2.007-2.e16.noarch

Well in my opionion thats great, a real server shouldn’t have to be patched
every week. Server versions of packages normally are far more tested and
reliable than desktop ones.

Packages released by NethServer are tracked here:

Upstream updates are announced on CenOS-announce mailing-list. Like THIS

Since CentOS 6.7 release we stopped to receive upstream updates. We must move to NethServer 6.7 :wink:

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