No networking after NS7 install


Hi alefattorni,

Have good time. i have installed the nethserver 7.3 in vmware .i got installed the latest build smoothly.but while i was trying to ping its gone unknown host.also when i try to update using yum update ,i got error unable to resolve unknown software center i getting no softwrae installed showing clear cache. to work but it also not working.
unknown repo is comming


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I took the liberty to create a new topic for you. In the topic you posted your comment it was quite off topic.

How does your network looks like? Is NethServer the Gateway for your network? How is your NethServer connected to the Internet and to the rest of your network?
Can you log into the admin webinterface of your NethServer?
Can you check the network configuration of ytour server in the admin webinterface.

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If you ssh in to NS and run ip addr, do you see a valid configuration?
Some more tips here: No applications listed in Software Center after install

@thambipg any news? Could you please answer @robb and @Ruaraidh ?