No mail in roundcube /fetchmail does retrieve

I’m new here and testing out nethserver to act as mailserver.
So far created a user ,installed mail addons and configured pop3connector to drop messages to the user.
Fetchmail is retrieving messages (log) but I can’t see any incoming messages in roundcube.
In queue management I see the mails but somehow they won’t release to the user’s mailbox i guess

anyone could help me with what goes wrong ?

Thanks in advance

Attach logs please, coz i have tested pop3connector and all work fine


please take a look here, thank you:

I had to change the the localdomain under server name to make iT work.
Thx anyway .

NeXT I want to lower the pop3 connector interval to less then 5 minutes.
Is there a file I can edit to overrule the gui?


I just tried to edit the file /etc/e-smith/db/configuration/defaults/fetchmail/eternalfreq
from 5 to 1 but that still checks only after 5 minutes :frowning:

Also adjusting in the gui to 5 minutes the setting is not replicated to the file /etc/e-smith/db/configuration/defaults/fetchmail/externalfreq so i guess i’m just editing the defaults … :frowning:

so workaround is

db configuration printprop fetchmail
db configuration setprop fetchmail externalFreq 1
signal-event nethserver-fetchmail-update

@flaptop do you have resolved?