Nextcloud Webserver problems after python3 installation

Hi there,
we are using nethserver (System version: NethServer release 7.6.1810 and Kernel: 3.10.0-957.27.2.el7.x86_64) with nextcloud.
On friday we tried to install Python3 in cause of the need of veeam to to a backup.
The requirement to install the veeam agent was the availability of Python3.
We did a system update and at least we finished the installation of Pythen33.

The problem now is that the website of https://ip-adsress/nextcloud ist empty and nothing to see.
We dont know since when the failur occours, after updating the system or finishing the Python installation.
A restart of the webservices and also of the server did not solve the problem.
Maybe anyone has an idea how to start our error analysis…

Many thanks in advance.
Kind regards

I forgot something:
Per mail we get following message:
Cron apache@nextcloud /usr/bin/scl enable rh-php72 – php -f /usr/share/nextcloud/cron.php
PHP Fatal error: Interface ‘OCP\AppFramework\Bootstrap\IBootstrap’ not found in /usr/share/nextcloud/apps/files_texteditor/lib/AppInfo/Application.php on line 37

maybe that’s a clue
We have no experiance with it…

Kind regards

Hi, Thomas, and welcome!

That installation is quite old and should be updated. On trying to update you may find problems with unavailable repositories and problems upgrading Nextcloud (as it is not supposedly to upgrade directly to the latest nextcloud version but from one major version to another until reaching the latest version).

By a system update, you mean a yum update. I mean something that affected python only or a general system update that affected other packages?

Which is the nextcloud version you have?

occ --version
grep "'version'" /usr/share/nextcloud/config/config.php
rpm -r *nextcloud