Nextcloud redirects to mobile website


since a few days I encounter some kind of error I can not get rid of:
When I call https://cloud.mydomain.tld I can log on to nextcloud as usuall, however, the request ends up on some kind of mobile view. I tried to disable my plugins on firefox (even though I can not remember that I changed something on the client nor server side besides regular nethserver updates). Does anybody encounter the same problem? Is there any setting I may switch to solve this?

Thank you

NethServer Version: your_version
Module: your_module

Did you try another browser?


@mrmarkuz: Of course I tired another browser. I just have edge available, but the result is the same. I also disabled any extension / plugins within firefox and I did clean up of firefox: I end up on the mobile website.

By the way: If I follow the “files” link, I end up on the normal page again.


I got it (but not in deep detail):

I was some plugin within Nextcloud. I just logged in as admin and I updated four plugins. At least I remember the official mail module, also I had a warning on unsupportet PHP version, I think it was the password-app. Additionally, I removed some (including phonetrack) and (re-)installed some new (including phonetrack)… but sorry, I can not remember plugins I touched in detail which. After that, it was able to log in to the regular deskopt as I was used to.

But if I click the Nextcloud-Logo in the top right corner, I end up on the mobile webside again. I am not sure, but I think it is about the “radio” plugin.



I also stumbled upon this unwanted behavior. I can confirm that disabling the radio app resolves this problem, in my case anyway.