Nextcloud overview asks for password for sabre/dav and complains about database

When login into nextcloud with the nextcloud admin and open the overview panel, nextcloud asks for a passwords for sabre/dav but no password works.

After cancel it complains about several other things

How to fix this?

If you really need 4 byte chars (you can have emojis in filenames), here you are. I hope it still works but - WARNING! - this database settings may not work with other applications…

In the Nextcloud application settings in the server manager you can enable CalDAV/CardDAV for Nextcloud to get of the warnings:


I have webtop installed, so I should leave it of, shouldn’t I?
What user and password is it asking for (no combinations works)?
Also, I tried to synchronize the contacts with Thunderbird TBSync but it is not able to detect the settings.

Yes, if you prefer to use Webtop then you should leave it off.

I don’t know but if you enable CalDAV and CardDAV for Nextcloud it doesn’t ask anymore.

Do you like to sync with Nextcloud or Webtop?

As Webtop is installed would support Webtop, but I also expected that there is only a single data store for contacts (like for emails). Is it possible to see contacts in nextcloud AND Webtop?

If I try to access with a browser it also asks for user/password but not user/password combinations works.

These TBSync settings worked for me with Webtop, autodetection did not work.

Here are instructions for Webtop CalDav/CardDav client and server.

For mails there’s IMAP which is a single store for mails but there’s no such thing for contacts and calendars. The apps have their own implementation, saving it to a database.

There’s already a feature request as regards central control of caldav/carddav.

I never tested it, but it seems possible, Nextcloud can be caldav/carddav server and client (via mail app) too.

Same here, name@domain.tld worked for me.