Nextcloud on subdomain still show generic NS welcome page

NethServer Version: latest as of this date
Module: Nextcloud latest as of this date

Hey, it is surely me somehow suffering from Sunday Dull Day.

New NS7 install. Let’s Encrypt valid for and Created Virtualhost on webserver and also indicated it in Nextcloud config.

But still, when accessing I get the default NS install success page with a nextcloud button/logo, but that loops back.

By default after installing Nextcloud, accessing it refuses due to untrusted domain.


You could give the docs a try: nethserver-nextcloud — NethServer 7 documentation

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Thanks, yes I checked config show nextcloud, all as it should. Did an event update again manually, but still no luck. So still in the dark.


AFAIK, you must NOT create the virtual host, just run the command!
Remove the virtual host for nextcloud, and just run the command on the NethServer Nextcloud settings GUI.

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DUH! That did the trick, do NOT create the virtual host on the webserver panel in Cockpit. ONLY in the Nextcloud config.

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